Monday, May 9, 2011


Just an ache. Was it that movie I watched? I shouldn't feel this way right now. It can wait. But it still aches. Was it that song I heard? Probably. I'll feel better tomorrow... still aches. Kind of like a grudge. I'd probably be better without it... but it still feels good to hold onto.

I'll feel better tomorrow. But do I want to? I was made for this to be fulfilled someday. But not today. She's everywhere and nowhere. I thought I met her yesterday. I probably will tomorrow too... still aches. I'll feel better tomorrow.

It'll be a good few days. Maybe a week or so. Then we'll meet again. Sometimes one... sometimes another. I know what I want. No I don't. Does she know what she wants? Sure she does. No she doesn't. Should I say something? No, not yet. I don't really know her. Stop making excuses, you've gotta try. No I don't. Not yet. It would be too soon. No It wouldn't. Yes it would... still aches... I'll feel better tomorrow.

C'mon, you did it once, you can do it again. That was before... it didn't work. What about that one time? No, that might as well have never happened. Don't shrink back. It'll have to happen sometime. grab the bull by the horns. yes... no... not this time... still aches... I'll feel better tomorrow.

I've got things to do. They're important. But isn't this?... not yet... not today... it's getting late... maybe tomorrow. No, not tomorrow, I'll feel better then. Not that I want to... I just will...

Any thoughts Lord? I'd love to hear it. No I wouldn't. Yes I would. Go for it? Hold steady? Focus? Chill out? Don't worry? I've heard them all. From all different people. Which one was you? None of them would make me feel all that great... still aches... I'll feel better tomorrow.

Good night... good morning... hello Bible... Hello shower... hello factory... goodbye factory... hello house. Go for a walk? Maybe I'll run into... no... cut it out... take a rest, your tired. Maybe read a book. Maybe watch a movie... hello movie... goodbye movie. Hello book... goodbye book.

Hello ache... your back early. You could have waited a day or two. Was it the movie? I don't know. I don't care... I kind of like the company... still ache... that's okay... I'll feel better tomorrow.

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