Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some thoughts on the mind and the Spirit

While I was in Bosnia earlier this year, God began to teach me a lot about the world of the mind vs. the world of the Spirit. He began to reveal to me both how they compete and how they must work together. I jotted a few thoughts down at the time and just came across them again today. I thought I'd share them with a few tweaks:

You can lie to the mind, you cannot lie to the Spirit and get away with it.

This is why simply reading the Bible is not enough. The Spirit of God must be sought to bring life and illumination to it.

Many newer church movements that tend toward liberalism in their theology are devoid of the Spirit and therefore can use the Word itself to deceive the minds of those who hear it.

Only with the Spirit can we read the Word and discern its meaning properly

Only with the Spirit can we hear the word preached and truly benefit from it.

However, without the Word, the Spirit cannot properly be put into words, or be given definition, or be discerned as the right Spirit.

This is why the Spirit is foundational and the Word was written through His inspiration.

There is nothing wrong with the mind being used but it is simply a tool. With enough effort, the mind can be forced to believe a lie. Through the cultivation of the Spirit, the mind is protected and used properly.

A spiritually illuminated mind can spot a lie without the least bit of confusion. A carnal mind is reluctant to part with comfortable, popular, or politically correct half truth.

A carnal mind can be led astray with enough appealing and apparently reasonable arguments. The Holy Spirit knows when the Word of God is being abused and holds fast to the truth through the arguments of submitted and obedient mind.

Spirit led argument is characterized by humility and a biblically opened mind which leads to unity and the building up of the body of Christ.

Carnal argument is characterized either by pride and therefore leads to division or by cowardice and a worldly opened mind which leads to heresy.

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