Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update + some random thoughts

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the loooong delay since my last post. I've either been preparing for school, or resting from my preparation since then, so it's been tough to bring myself to write a post. So, what's happened since I last wrote?

1. I went to camp Shiloh as a counselor

2. I started school

3. I got a car.

Camp Shiloh was fantastic as always. I had an awesome time keeping my eye on some kids. This year I had a great deal of opportunity to really speak life into them and watch them grow rather than simply camping out in survival mode.

In very short succession I also purchased a car (next step is to register it so I can actually drive it) and I started up my classes in seminary. It's looking like my schedule will really be picking up over the next week or so, so pray that I squeeze everything in!

Anyways, all that to say, I still plan to write as often as I can, but do be patient with me! It's looking like I'll eventually be reading upwards of 100 pages a day for school once things pick up, not to mention papers! fun fun fun.

Well, rather than bring up a huge theological discussion to consider, I'll just bring up a few of the questions God's been having me deal with over the past few days.

Where does certainty sit on the list of priorities for the Christian?

Should absolute certainty in any area be looked at as arrogant?

How can we combine certainty with humility?

Is it possible to have conviction without certainty?

And on a more personal note:

Do we trust God when he says he will provide ALL our needs?

How well are we supposed to know our personal needs without being overly self focused?

Can we pray effectively without being certain of what we need?

If our hearts are still sinful to an extent, how can we be absolutely sure that we are praying for a need and not just a want?

With this dilemma, is it ever possible for a Christian to pray for something with absolute certainty that He will provide?

When should we stop praying for a need and simply rest in our trust before God?

Hope to write again soon!

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