Monday, October 17, 2011

Last night's dream

Yet again, it has been a while! I hope you are all doing well. To be honest, it's been a bit difficult to put my thoughts into words lately. I've lost a bit of my motivation to cover big theological topics I guess. As of this moment, I'm not terribly sure that I want that motivation back. Part of me wants to switch to poetry. Another part wants to start writing up dreams I've been having... hmmmm... what's it gonna be... last night's dream it is!

So, I'm in this psych ward room, where a patient is waking up in a chair. I can't remember if I was him or if I was watching him... probably a combination of both. He begins answering questions from a psychiatrist who happens to be there. It's strange... the questions mean one thing to the doctor, a meaning based in reality. The patient answers the questions through the lens of the reality he just woke up from... something about trying to save his lost family. The conversation goes on for a few moments without either of them realizing it (seemingly). Finally a question is answered out of sync with reality and the conversation ends. Yet, the doctor seems to know what the patient was talking about, yet seemed to want to keep him in the dark... could there be some truth to his reality?

Suddenly I'm running through a city... the chase goes through subways and over bridges. I can't remember how it ends or if it was connected to the next portion of the dream. Another chase is happening. I'm running from an assassin in something like a mall parking lot. He is chasing me with a handgun. I narrowly escape a few times before I realize there's no chance of escape. I turn when we are in the midst of an alleyway and manage to talk to him before he kills me. I offer to hire him for his investigation skills in order that he would no longer be working against me. He offers (for some odd reason) to set up a meeting between me and president Obama. I agree, simply because I want to buy time before he tries to kill me.

We begin to climb up the side of a building and go into a very small space between building levels. It's hard to describe the place, other than that we had to craw when we were inside. Suddenly there is a girl I know joining us. I am suddenly aware that she and I were once childhood sweethearts. I am also suddenly aware that she might have been the reason we were there. I try to talk to her, but she works her way past me in order to be with the assassin. I realize that they are together. I slowly grow very jealous and decide to leave. She says I should stay, but I begin to express my frustration. She begins to give reasons why she has gotten over me. She says she's grown up. I begin to grow angrier and angrier. It get to a point where I begin shouting my objections in spite of the fact that my anger is spent. I WANT to be angry... then I wake up... angry and sad.

Any thoughts or interpretations?


  1. check out
    It's not christian based but it helps me when I'm interpreting my dreams

  2. Wow! I really don't know what to say.... except that it is interesting.