Saturday, December 13, 2014

Divided (A Poem)

This heart that pines for grace,
So often forgets its place.
One moment filled with love,
Then strays from Christ above.

These eyes that seek for you,
They are not always true,
Today, they seek, they find.
Tomorrow, all but blind.

These feet, much could be said.
No telling where they'll tread.
One moment, close behind
Their shepherd, then resigned.

These hands, unfaithful friends.
Often seeking their own ends.
They work in sun and rain,
Then quick to sin again.

These ears, you'll often find,
Are not that far behind.
Now longing for the truth,
Then tricked by lies of youth.

This tongue, sharp like a knife,
Both giving and taking life.
First lifting souls to joy,
Then lying, forked, and coy.

If Your death did not atone,
Then sin would stand alone.
I'd not despise it's taste.
But run to it with haste.

While today I still may fail,
You'll do nothing but prevail.
What today I see in measure,
Will soon be my only pleasure.

While my heart at times divides,
Your cross, it has two sides.
One shows the judge's rage,
The other, a white blank page.

Your cross proved us depraved,
You refusing to be saved.
Yet in making himself a fool,
Man revealed God's sovereign rule.

The nails that pierced your hand,
Decreed, as the Father planned.
The spear that pierced your side,
For your loved, predestined bride.

What flowed from us was sin,
The evil from within.
Yet flowing from above
Just wrath, with holy love.

So now we sing your praise,
Since you've granted endless days.
With hearts you see as pure,
That you've destined to restore.

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